WOOLIK - Website Privacy Policy

Last Revised: [April 17, 2012]

Woolik Technologies Ltd. and its affiliates ("Company" or "we") respects the privacy of the users and visitors of its website and services ("User" or "you") and is committed to protect the information that its Users share with it. We believe that you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we may collect when you visit our website at the address [http://www.woolik.com] (the "Site") and/or use the services offered by the Company, as described in the Terms of Use available at [www.woolik.com/terms.html] (the "Services"). The guidelines contained herein apply to your visit or use of the Site and/or the Services.


1.                Which information we may collect on our Users?

We collect two types of data and information:

1.1.The first type is non-identifiable and anonymous information ("Non-personal Information"). To put it simply, we have no idea what is the identity of the User from which we have collected the Non-personal Information.
Non-personal Information which is being gathered consists of technical information and behavioral information, as detailed below:

Technical information:

·       Type of operation system (e.g. Windows, Linux, etc.)

·       Type of Browser (e.g. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

·       Screen resolution (e.g. 800x600, 1024x768, etc.)

·       IP address (e.g.

·       Browser and keyboard language (e.g. English)

·       Any Similar technical information.

Behavioral information:

·       The clicks that the User has generated in the Site and/or the Services (i.e. the fact that User has chosen to click on a certain link or use a certain widget).

·       Any Similar behavioral information.


1.2.The other type of information is individually identifiable information ("Personal Information"). To put it simply, this information may identify an individual or is of a private and/or sensitive nature. Personal Information which is being gathered consists any personal details provided voluntarily by the User (e.g. uploaded images of such User. We also treat any email you may send to us as a Personal Information.


For the sake of clarification, any Non-personal Information combined with Personal Information shall be regarded as Personal information.

We will not collect any Personal Information from you without your approval. Among other things, we will not collect:

·       Any text a User enters into widgets or search boxes.

·       Any chat or other correspondence between a User and any third-party.

·       Any materials contained in User's Facebook account or other social media accounts.

·       Any materials contained in User's mailbox.


2.                How do we collect information on our Users?

There are two main methods we use:

2.1.We collect information through your use of the Services and while you are viewing or otherwise using the Site and/or any of the Services. In other words, when you access the Site and/or any of the Services we are aware of your usage of the Site and/or any of the Servicesand may gather, collect and record the information relating to such usage. For example, when you connect to any of the Services, your system tells us your IP address.

2.2.We collect information which you provide us voluntarily. For example, when you upload an image or add a link to any of the Services, the image or the link may include Personal Information which shall be visible to us and shall be kept on our servers. Each time you will be interested in providing a voluntarily information we will ask you to consent to the collection of Personal Information your uploaded material may contain.

3.                What are the purposes of the collection of information?

Non-personal Information is collected in order to:  

·       Provide you with certain Services.

·       Learn about your preferences and suggest relevant content to you (e.g. if we learn that you are interested in sports, we could find websites which specializes in sports and suggest you links to such websites).

·       Learn about general trends on our Site, and enhance the User experience on the Site and on the User's Personal Page (e.g. we determine which part of the Services draw more traffic and improve such services areas on the Site or the Services).

·       Deliver targeted advertisements to you (e.g. if are interested in Sports, we and/or our partners may serve you with ads of sport equipment).


Personal Information is collected in order to:  

·       Provide you with the ability to personalize your use of the Services or any pat thereof by letting you upload your own content (e.g. pictures of you playing soccer).

·       Enable the overall operation of the Platform.

·       Personalize your experience on the Platform.

·       Provide you with certain information and services available only to
registered Users.

·       Allow us to contact you with proposals and tailored information regarding events, offers, services, etc.

·       Identify you when conducting customer service operations (such as providing feedback, etc.).

·       Allow you to register for special offers, contests or premium services.

4.              Sharing information with third parties

We will share Personal Information and Non-personal Information only in the following cases: (a) to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, subpoena or governmental request; (b) to enforce these Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use [http://www.woolik.com/terms.html], including investigation of potential violations of them; (c) to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues; (d) to respond to claims that any content published on the Site and/or any of the Servicesviolates any right of a third-party; (e) to respond to claims that contact information (e.g. phone number, name, etc.) of a third-party has been posted on the Site and/or the Services or transmitted without their consent or as a form of harassment; (f) to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the Company, its Users or the general public; (g) when Company is undergoing any change in control, including by means of merger, acquisition or purchase of all or substantially all of the assets of Company; (h) pursuant to your approval, in order to supply certain Services you have requested from Company; or (i) to let our partners and affiliates serve you with commercials.  

You should be aware that by posting a link which directs users to your personalized Services webpage (as applicable), others could access your personalized Services webpage and may have access to your Personal Information.

5.              Deletion of Personal Information

You may delete any Personal Information you share with us using the appropriate menu appears on your personalized Services webpage. If for any reason you have trouble with deleting your Personal Information may send an email to: [privacy@woolik.com], and we will do our best to assist you.

6.              Cookies & Local Storage

When you visit the Site and/or use the Services, Company may use industry-wide technologies such as "cookies", Flash and/or Silverlight (or similar technologies), which stores certain information on your computer ("Local Storage") and which will allow us to enable automatic sign-in to the Site and Services and make your browsing much more convenient and effortless. It is easy to prohibit the Local Storage. Most browsers will allow you to erase cookies from your computer's hard drive, block acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. In order to erase or disable the Local Storage option in Flash or Silverlight you should use the settings option of Flash/Silverlight according to the specific instructions provided by the technology provider. However, if you block or erase cookies, or change the settings of Flash and/or Silverlight, your online experience may be limited.   


We also use certain third-party cookies. These are a different kind of cookies, which are stored on your computer by a third party site, rather than by Company. This kind of cookie is updated each time you visit our Site and/or use our Services, and also when you visit other website that uses similar cookies. Third-party cookies usually store only a Non-personal Information, such as the web pages you have visited, the duration of your browsing, etc.

7.              Security

We take a great care in maintaining the security of the Site and your information and in preventing unauthorized access to it through industry standard technologies and internal procedures. However, we do not guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur.

8.              Third Party Sites

While using the Site and the Services you may encounter links to third party websites. Please be advised that such third party websites are independent sites, and we assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to privacy matters or any other legal matter with respect to such sites. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policies and the terms of use or service of such websites.

9.              Information received from Third Party Sites

9.1.  We may receive Personal Information and Non-personal Information from third party websites ("Third Party Information"), including but not limited to social media websites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), only if the following conditions are met: (a) the Third Party Information is necessary for the delivery of certain Services you have requested; and (b) we have fully complied with the Third Party Sites applicable privacy policies.

9.2.  Information from Facebook: When you connect to the Facebook trough the Site and/or any of the Services for the first time you will be asked to permit Facebook to share with the Service the following information about you: 

§ your first and last name;

§ your profile picture or its URL;

§ Your Gender;

§ the user ID numbers, posts and comments of your Facebook friends, whether or not such friends are connected to the Platform;

§ information in your profile's “About Me” section;

§ your date of birth;

§ your living location and hometown as specified in your Facebook profile;

§ offline access to information shared with us or publicly

§ any other information you have made public on Facebook.

Please note: Publishers using Single Sign-On mechanisms may share with us certain information about you such as your name, nickname, profile picture file or URL, and contact details. Such information is shared with us for your convenience, in order to enable you to access the Service and/or any of the Services, after signing-in the Publisher Website, and without the need to register to the Service separately.


9.3.  Additional Information From Facebook. When you use the Service and/or any of the Services, we may also collect certain information from you which require additional and specific permission from you. Such information may include the following:

§ your online/offline presence in the social network as well as the online/offline presence of your Facebook friends;

§ pictures and/or albums or its URL posted by you and/or your friends;

§ access and read your mailbox and/or stream feeds posted by you and/or your friends;

§ access to publish posts on your stream feed and/or send messages via your mailbox;

§ Any other information you have made public on Facebook which requires specific approval.

10.           Changes to the Privacy Policy

The terms of this Privacy Policy will govern the use of the Site, any of the Services and any information collected therein. Company reserves the right to change this policy at any time, so please re-visit this page frequently. In case of any material change, we will post a clear notice on the Site and/or the Services (as applicable).   


Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective as of the stated "Last Update” and your continued use of the Site and/or any of the Services on or after the Last Update date will constitute acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.

11.           Specific Service Privacy Policies.

Your use of the various Services offered by the Company may be subject to additional Privacy Policy provisions (“Specific Privacy Policy”). Please read the applicable Specific Privacy Policy carefully before you accept the Terms, including this Privacy Policy and/or any applicable Specific Privacy Policy. Such Specific Privacy Policies are supplemental to this Privacy Policy. The Company's policy and practices and the type of information collected are described in the Privacy Policies governing each of the Company's Services:

·    The policy which governs the Personal Webpage service can be found at [http://www.woolik.com/privacy_personalwebpage.html].

·    The policy which governs the Woolik Search can be found at [http://www.woolik.com/privacy_wooliksearch.html].

·    The policy which governs the Woolik TweeTool can be found at [http://www.woolik.com/privacy_tweetool.html].

·    The policy which governs the Woolik Top1000 can be found at [http://www.woolik.com/privacy_top1000.html].


12.           Got any Questions?

If you have any questions (or comments) concerning this Privacy Policy, you are most welcomed to send us an email to the following address: privacy@woolik.com, and we will make an effort to reply within a reasonable timeframe.